A refreshing body spray with moisturizing properties. This spray is body and hair safe. Feels fabulous, non-sticky and leaves your skin & hair feeling and smelling wonderful. This is the perfect purse size!

Moisturizing Body Spray • Men's Scents

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    Choose your scent and size!

    Ingredients:Water, Surfactant, Dipropylene Glycol, Glycerin, DMDM Hydantoin, Butylated Hydroxy Toluene BHT, Fragrance


    AQUATICA - marine scent with salty air, sweet watery, lavender & woods
    ANTIQUITY - bergamot, sage, lavender & basil with artemisia, honey, cedar, tobacco & wood
    ALPHA MALE - citrus, spices & mint blend with coffee, pepper, patchouli & vanilla tonka
    ALL AMERICAN - citron, juniper & spruce, cardamom, osmanthus, vetiver & amber
    BAY RUM KEY LIMES - traditional bay rum embellished with key lime zest
    BEAU - a classic fougere aroma with lavandin, rosemary & mint, oakmoss, amber & patchouli
    BLACK HILLS - bergamot, tobacco & vetiver, smoky oud, & tonka bean
    BLAZE - spice, mint, tonka & sandalwood
    BLACK SAILS - dark woodsy scent with labdanum, spice & sandalwood with jasmine, vetiver, incense, cedar & pink pepper
    BOGART - ginger, lavender & mint with juniper, apple, cardamom, vetiver, tonka & amber
    BRANDO - aromatic woodsy mix of clean & fresh, spicy & warm = perfection
    BOURBON + BRANCH - musk, jasmine, patchouli, cedar, amber, vanilla & dried fruits
    BROKEN ARROW - tobacco, spices, woods & rose, osmanthus, oud, juniper & amber
    BLACK ROYALE - sweet, youthful masculine blend with spice, citrus & leather
    BAY RUM - old fashioned style scent of spicy bay laurel, orange, mixed spice & anise
    CINDER BOX - cedar & eucalyptus woods create a very smoky & woodsy scent
    COPPERHEAD - warm & heavily woodsy with spice notes
    CIGAR SHOP - mixed tobaccos & woody notes sweetened with light cherry ends
    DISTILLERY - aromatic masculine aroma with freshly spiced bourbon & oak
    DEADWOOD SALOON - sweet, cedar barn wood & smoky gunpowder
    FLANNEL - tropical coconut, teakwood & tonka bean with dark ​amber & vanilla musk 
    GUY - fresh spiced scent with aquatics, citruses & Muguet blending with coumarin, mint, woods & musk
    HIPSTER - a mod scent containing notes of amber, teakwood & coffee with musk, cedar, leather, neroli & vetiver
    ITALIAN LEATHER - smoky leather richness
    IRISH TWEEDS - classic Fougere, rich, fresh & sporty
    LUMBERJACK - rugged tobacco with sweet fruit & floral, woods & spice in the base
    MOONSHINE - sea salt, oud, styrax, balsam, fir, pepperwood & amber
    METALLIC SUGAR - very sweet masculine aroma of apple, angelica, gingerbread, lavender, cedar, tobacco, vetiver & labdanum
    MESQUITE - woods & oakmoss with rose, orris, galbanum, tonka & lavender
    OLD HAVANA - a gourmand interpretation of a Havana cigar shop
    ROUTE 66 - citrus blend, jasmine, rosewood, warm musk & patchouli 
    RUST - cleanly spiced scent with musk, lavender, tonka & sandalwood
    SWANK - a spicy, warm, woody aroma with lime, pineapple, moss, musk, woods & amber
    SEQUOIA - refreshing woodsy scent with moss, balanced floral & deep oak notes
    SO F*CKING FAB - bitter almond, tonka, orris, leather & sage
    TOBACCO & BAY LEAF - bay leaf, fir & bergamot with cedar & sweet tobacco
    TUSCAN CYPRESS - cypress, mint, citrus, basil & woods
    THE PARLOR - rich tobacco leaf, cognac, cherry & vanilla
    TOBACCO + VANILLA - earthy, lightly sweet unisex scent
    TRUE NORTH - lavender, rose powder & spiced woods with amber, resin & vanilla
    VETIVER IN GRAY - dominant vetiver notes with sea salt, sunny & woody accords
    VIKINGS - freshly spiced scent with aquatic notes & light peppered woods
    WOODEN SHIPS - deep leather, violet & cardamom with jasmine Sambac, oakmoss & patchouli
    WOODS + OUD - woodsy & warm, lightly spiced scent
    WEST INDIES - woods, Caribbean spices, Jamaican rum & West Indies Bay leaf