Queen Bee Apothecary Custom Scent Lists

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The scents listed below are not the original designer/manufacturer's scents.


Queen Bee Apothecary – Master Scent List 2014


A LONDON FOG-bergamot, lime, earl gray tea, cucumber, lavender,beeswax, amber and vanilla musk

AMBER WHITE-clean soft amber, slight woodiness, light & unique

BUTTER CREAM – freshly made buttery rich frosting


BABY FRESH–  fresh & super powdery


BEE'S KNEES•honey, beeswax, rose, sweet and warm

BUTTER BEER - warm, rich butterscotchy wonder, salty notes, delish!


COCONUT BOURBON - sweet, tropical coconut cut with deep, rich bourbon

CHERRY TOBACCO - sweet, juicy cherry with tobacco

CHERRIES ON TOP - blast of mixed cherry scents


CANNABIS FLOWER-fern, cannabis, floral, cashmere woods, musk & amber

COCOA WOODS-cacao, sequoia wood, sandalwood, nuts, tiare, ginger

COFFEE HOUSE -coffee beans, brewed coffee, rum, brandy, brown sugar & cocoa


CARNIVAL- candied apples, kettle corn, cotton candy


DAISY MAE-modern sweet floral with velvety woods and light musk base

FLOWER CHILD- Exotic patchouli, raspberry, strawberry, bergamot, Vanilla 


HONEYSUCKLE- sweet nectar from the honeysuckle blossom


HONEY LAVENDER - fresh sweet honey plus Provencal lavender


HONEY CHILD-pear, citrus, punch, honeysuckle, orange blossom, peach; honey, vanilla, woods


HOT MESS-mod floral, bergamot, violet, white floral notes, woods & vetiver


I LOVE CAKE- super sweet, bakery delight, buttery triple vanilla frosting

LAVENDER SUGAR - sugary lavender scent - cotton candy notes, pure lavender

LA VIE -sweet, vanilla, patchouli, gourmand fruits





FEMININE (continued)



MARSHMALLOW BOMB-rich, whippy, over the top marshmallow


ORCHID NOIR -deep, unisex, sultry


ORANGE BLOSSOM HONEY• citrus, honey, orange & white floral

PISTACHIO-nutty, rich and delicious

PEPPERMINT CREME - zesty peppermint with a sweet, buttery vanilla

PATISSERIE-marzipan, freshly ground coffee beans, caramel, and vanilla

PURPLE SANDALWOOD- Sandalwood, violets,cashmere woods, lavender vanilla  

RUBY ROSE - pure red rose scent


ROSE JELLY-citrus, rose, strawberry


SOUTHERN HARVEST- warm, sice blend

STARGAZER LILY - sweet, feminine mild floral


SUGAR MAGNOLIA-southern magnolia stars with sweet florals, white musk & vanilla

SOUTHERN BELLE-Fresh lavender, coconut milk, spun sugar & light, vanilla whipped cream. This is so sweet, just like a southern belle!

SHAMROCKS- carnations, roses, clover & a wee hint of star anise, musk & twigs

SOUTHERN GRACE -delicate & femme

TOBACCO ROSE - warm floral

TEA HOUSE - Earl Grey tea, black teas, chamomile, ginger root, dried pears, crisp apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, anise, vanilla & cognac


TOBACCO + COFFEE- a rich warm blend

WHISKEY SUGAR - sweet Tennessee whiskey, singed sugar


VIOLET CANDY - sweet sugary violet, french vanilla & light white musk


VANILLA SUGAR BOMB - triple threat of vanilla with a sweet, light musk


VANILLA BOURBON - rich bourbon sweetened with buttery vanilla and vanilla absolute


BROKEN ARROW-deep oud and woods


BLACK SAILS- dark woodsy, labdanum,exotic spice, sandalwood, patchouli, jasmine, vetiver, incense & cedar 


BEAU-classic fougere, lavandin, rosemary, mint, oakmoss, amber patchouli

BOURBON & BRANCH- Manly, loud & brash. woods, musk, spice, bourbon, fruits


BAY RUM- - old fashioned scent

CIGAR SHOP - woodsy, mixed tobaccos with a hint of cherry   


COGNAC  & AMBER- rich, deep but this is sweet. Has notes of cognac, cocoa, vanilla, ambers & mild spices


COPPERHEAD - mixed woods, rare spice, sambac, Masc. unisex 

DILLINGER-heavy, masculine, rich & warm oud, citrus, rosemary & agar & vetiver

DEADWOOD SALOON- barn wood & smoky gunpowder


DISTILLERY - aromatic masculine scent, freshly spiced, bourbon & oak


HIPSTER - mod masculine- Amber, teak, coffee, musk, cedar, leather, neroli, vetiver


LUMBERJACK- rugged tobacco, sweet fruit & floral, woods & spice in the base


MEMPHIS - sensual, spiced scent.  Coffee, vetiver and incense. 


OLD HAVANA - a gourmand interpretation of a Havana cigar shop

PIPE SMOKE- tobacco leaf, honey, cedar wood, fresh cherry wood, and vanilla


SEQUOIA- deep woodsy blend, formal & elegant



TARTAN PLAID-spiced blend with tonka, frankincense and woods


TRUE NORTH•lavender, rose powder, spiced woods, amber, resin, vanilla