Our Intensive Hand Creme is the answer to your dry hand's prayers! All Natural - Creamy, thick and rich. Non greasy after soak in, but leaves a layer of protectant after this soaks in that lasts a long time, even through some washings. A little goes a long way, so this lotion lasts forever!

Contains Organic Glycerin & Honey Powder which are humectants to attract moisture to the outer layers of skin and also increases flexibility of skin. Preserved with a plant based natural preservative to extend life to 12 months.

Intensive Hand Cream

  • Details

    (1) Squeeze bottle (Net Wt 5.1 Ounces)

    Ingredients: Distilled Water, Apricot Kernel Oil, Silky Emulsifying Wax, Organic Glycerin, Honey Powder, Optiphen, Essential Oils, Fragrance