Old Fashioned Goat's Milk Lotion is so gentle and perfect for all skin types. I have added another level of luxury with skin loving JOJOBA, HEMP & AVOCADO OILS along with SHEA BUTTER & COCONUT BUTTER. This is a luxe body lotion - rich & creamy but it glides on easily and soaks right in. Leaves your skin feeling fabulous and smelling OH-SO-GOOD!



16 Ounce Bottle


Goat's Milk Lotion 16 Ounce

  • Details

    Ingredients: Distilled Water, Glycerin, Glycol Monostearate, Acylamide Copolymer, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Butter, Octyldodecanol, Isopropyl Palmitate, Myristate, Avocado Oil, PEG-20, Glyceril Stearate, Ceteareth-14, Polysorbate 85, Distilled Water, Iodopropanol Butylcarbamate, Goat’s Milk, Hemp Oil, Jojoba Oil, Fragrance Oil

    Queen Bee Scents
    AVA • sensual femme, patchouli, amber, citrus, tonka
    AMBER LIGHT • clean, light musk, soft amber, slight woodiness, light & unique
    AMAZON FALLS • fresh air, water notes, ozone, green ferns
    AQUA KISSES • chamomile, aloe vera, sea, freesia, daisy, plum, musk -- c/t Aqua Kiss by BBW
    BURLESQUE • deep, sensual, gourmand blend of salted vanilla, sandalwood & cashmere with iris & white jasmine
    BOURBON STREET • Soft cashmere with jasmine shimmy with blonde wood, rare amber, & sexy musk. 
    BOHEMIAN • rich coffee, vetiver, sequoia, incense
    BUTTERCREAM • pure, rich cake frosting
    BLACK RASPBERRY • delicious black raspberry with vanilla notes
    BUBBLEGUM • juicy & sweet, nothing but old school pink bubble gum
    BLACK LAVENDER • dark amber, lavender, myrrh, tonka, Egyptian musk
    BOSTON TEA PARTY • lemon, tea, rose, jasmine, musk
    BLACK CHAMOMILE • coconut, citrus, chamomile tea, lily, tonka, black musk
    BABY FRESH • sweet, powdery, clean fresh baby powder & lotion
    CEDAR + BLACKBERRY • fresh sage, cedar, blackberry
    CLOUDS • lavender, pear, bergamot, cream, praline, coconut, musk, woods -- c/t the scent Cloud 
    COTTON BREEZES • ozone, greenery, bergamot, rose, vetiver, cedar, musk
    CHAMOMILE & HONEY • chamomile, apple blossom, sweet honey
    CASABLANCA LILY • floral lily blend, vanilla, woods, green notes
    CABARET • vanilla, pink pepper, orange blooms, jasmine, white patchouli & coffee infused wood
    COFFEE HOUSE • coffee beans, brewed coffee, rum, brandy, brown sugar & cocoa 
    CUCUMBER & MELON • clean, fresh cucumber & summer melon slices
    DARK CHOCOLATE • deep, creamy chocolate & a hint of vanilla
    FRESH • spa-like aquatics with white floral- spa like scent
    FESTIVAL LIFE • oud, sandalwood, patchouli, pepper, fig & wild rose
    FLOWER CHILD • exotic patchouli, raspberry, strawberry, bergamot, vanilla  
    GYPSY UNDER WATER • citrus, pepper, juniper, incense, woods, orris, amber, vanilla -- c/t Gypsy Water  
    GREEN APPLE • zesty & sweet, apple goodness
    GARDENIA • deep sweet floral, intoxicating 
    GEORGIA PEACH • sweet, juicy fresh southern peaches
    GYPSY SOUL • clove tobacco leaves with hints of basil & honeyed black tea
    HONEY CHILD • pear, citrus, honeysuckle, peach, honey, vanilla, woods. 
    HONEY B • heavy honey scent, delicious, sweet floral honey 
    HONEYSUCKLE • sweet nectar from the honeysuckle blossom, southern treat
    I LOVE CAKE • super sweet, bakery delight, buttery with triple vanilla frosting
    JASMINE • fresh jasmine on a bed of rose petals
    LADY LAUREN • 1978 style floral, greens with powdery woods & spices
    LOVE ROCKS ON • berries, peony, bergamot, plum, jasmine, stephanotis, amber, musk, vanilla & woods 
    LEMONGRASS SAGE • so fresh, bright lemongrass & earthy sage
    LAVENDER SUGAR • sugary pure lavender with cotton candy notes 
    LICK ME ALL OVER • raspberry, melons, jasmine, violet, grapefruit and kumquat
    MARSHMALLOW BOMB • sugary marshmallow & sweet white cake
    MOROCCAN BEACHWOOD • amber, beach wood, pomegranate, plum
    N.5 • vintage classic femme scent with powdery florals & warming base notes
    OCEANA • pure ocean, salty air & water
    OCEAN BLUE • ozone, fresh, oceanic scent. light florals & citrus, sea salt
    PURPLE SANDALWOOD • sandalwood, violets, cashmere woods, lavender vanilla  
    PINK CHIFFON • berries, fruits, florals, vanilla coconut, musk, heliotrope, sandalwood -- c/t BBW
    PARIS LACE • green notes enhanced by subtle honeysuckle & summer melon
    PEAR BLOSSOM • sweet white floral, spring air & juicy pear
    PATCHOULI BLANC • white floral, patchouli, bergamot & spice -- c/t White Patchouli by TF
    PINK SUGARS • gourmand delight, super sweet cotton candy like scent -- c/t Aquolina
    ROSEMARY + MINT • fresh mint & earthy rosemary, sharp & delightful scent
    RUBY ROSE • deep, dark red rose petals 
    ROSE RED • citrus, violet leaf, Bulgarian rose & beeswax -- c/t JMalone
    SUGAR IS GOLDEN • citrus, crème brulee, coconut, neroli, whipped cream, sandalwood, musk - c/t Gold Sugar
    SOUTHERN GRACE • clean, fresh femme floral arrangement
    SWEET MAGNOLIA • southern magnolia stars with sweet florals, white musk & vanilla
    SWEET MILK • creamy & rich milky delight, sweet & delicious
    SUPERMODELS • berries, peach blossoms, sandalwoods -- c/t VS
    SMOKE & MIRRORS • blackberry merlot, tobacco flower, whiskey, cocoa, marshmallow, sandalwood, cedar, amber 
    VANILLA BOURBON • rich bourbon sweetened with vanilla absolute 
    VANILLA SUGAR BOMB • triple show of vanillas with sweet light musk in the base
    VIOLET CANDY • sweet violet, french vanilla & soft musk
    VERBENA • lemon & more lemon, lime, peach, rose, geranium, lemon leaves
    VANILLA COTTON • citrus, cotton flower, rose, muguet, tonka, vanilla, musk
    WATERMELON • candied watermelon, sweet fruity summer scent
    WICKED VANILLA • black sugar, freesia, tahitian vanilla, sweetly sensual scent

    AVO CO BATH • lime, bergamot, frankincense, litsea cubeba -- c/t Avocado CoWash by LU5H
    AMSTERDAM • soft floral, vetiver, honeysuckle, jasmine, fresh, clean -- c/t Alkmaar by LU5H
    BE BEAUTY • bergamot, lemon, fennel, lavender, rose, sandalwood, ylang -- c/t B Scent by LU5H
    BREATHE IN • lovely scent, neroli, melon, rose, peppered woods, vetiver -- c/t Inhale by LU5H
    CITRUS TREE • ylang, neroli, rosewood, sandalwood -- c/t Orange Blossom by LU5H
    CREAM SODA • honey, vanilla milk, berry, citrus, benzoin, sage, lavender -- c/t American Cream by LU5H
    COCOA CITRUS • tonka, yuzu, chocolate, coconut, bergamot -- c/t Yuzu & Cocoa by LU5H
    CHERRY TREE • jasmine, mimosa, orange, greens, cedar, light musk -- c/t Sakura by LU5H
    CALACAZZAM • lime, neroli, olibanum - clean & zesty -- c/t Calacas by LU5H
    DEAD FOR DAYS • energizing lime, earthy notes -- c/t All Soul's Day by LU5H
    DEVOTION • apple cinnamon, lemongrass, ylang, rose, jasmine 
    DUSK • calming, lavender, tonka, ylang, sultry -- c/t Twilight by LU5H
    EVOKE • energizing, fresh, lemon verbena, rosewood, bergamot -- c/t Avobath by LU5H
    EMPRESS • fresh, clean, apricot, bergamot, currant -- c/t Sultana of Soap by LU5H
    FLURRY QUEEN • pear, cotton candy, cherry vanilla -- c/t Snow Fairy by LU5H
    FEMME FATALE • seductive, jasmine, sage, ylang-ylang -- c/t Sex Bomb by LU5H
    FREEZE • grapefruit, neroli, rose, fresh -- c/t Frozen by LU5H
    FEVERISH • rose, jasmine absolute, sandalwood -- c/t Fever by LU5H
    FOXY • jasmine, honey -- c/t Flying Fox by LU5H
    FURZY • soft floral scent -- c/t Furze by LU5H
    GOOD STUFF • rose, cedar, tonka bean, juniper, citrus & coconut -- c/t All Good Things by LU5H
    HAPPY CHERUB • currant, tangerine, candy notes -- c/t Angel's Delight by LU5H
    HONEY TOFFEE • creamy honey, vanilla musk, caramel, citrus -- c/t Honey I Washed the Kids by LU5H
    HIGH LIFE • ylang, sandalwood, jasmine, lime, tonka, lemon, woods -- c/t 29 Hi Street by LU5H
    ICE QUEEN • fresh mint & light, white musk -- c/t Ice Blue by LU5H
    KISSES INFINITE • sensual mandarin, osmanthus, myrrh, labdanum -- c/t 1000 Kisses by LU5H
    LUSTFUL • dirty jasmine, rose, ylang, vanilla, sandalwood --c/t Lust by LU5H
    LORD LAWLESS • sweet, spiced patchouli, vanilla, pepper -- c/t Lord of Misrule
    MONDO • neroli, orange blossom, vanilla, sweet/fresh/uplifting -- c/t Big by LU5H
    MARZIPAN • marzipan, almond, rose, benzoin, cinnamon -- c/t Snow Cake by LU5H
    MR LEMON TREE • lemon, bergamot, lavender, lime, petitgrain -- c/t Dad's Garden Lemon Tree by LU5H
    NO RAIN PLEASE • violet, vanilla, sandalwood, vetiver -- c/t Don't Rain on My Parade by LU5H
    OCEAN ISLE • sweet, spiced sandalwood, musk & vanilla -- c/t Floating Island by LU5H
    PULL MY HAIR • almond milk, vanilla, vetiver, coconut -- c/t Trichomania by LU5H
    PONDER ROSA • rose heavy, citrus -- c/t Amandapondo by LU5H
    PLUM SHOWERS • mandarin, sweet orange, plum, osmanthus, petitgrain -- c/t Plum Rain by LU5H
    ROSE JELLY • rose, tonka, lemon, geranium -- c/t Rose Jam by LU5H
    ROCKER PROPER • sweet, powdery floral, Better than cotton candy -- c/t Rock Star by LU5H
    REVOLT • orange, strawberry, lavender vanilla -- c/t Vive la Revolution by LU5H
    REMEDY •

    RELENT • grapefruit, patchouli -- c/t Rentless by LU5H
    RESPIRE- vetiver, sandalwood, musk, cedar, amber, citrus, incense -- c/t Exhale by LU5H
    SWIM NAKED • warm, spicy - sage, clove, violet, cedar -- c/t Skinny Dip by LU5H
    SUNNY SIDE • fresh citrus pops with gardenia -- c/t Brightside by LU5H
    SWEET PUFF • cotton candy, bubble gum, apples, pears -- c/t Candy Fluff by LU5H
    SINGLE LADIES • exotic floral, frangipani, jasmine, tuberose, vanilla -- c/t Sikkum Sirens by LU5H
    SUGARY LEMONS • bright lemon and sugary notes -- c/t Fresh Sugar Lemon
    SATISFIER • black currant, licorice, bergamot, woods, warmth -- c/t The Comforter by LU5H
    SNOW WHITE • rose, apple, bergamot, neroli, orange -- c/t So White by LU5H
    ULTRA V • violet blend -- c/t UltraViolet by LU5H
    VIOLETTA • violet, mimosa, cinnamon, ylang, tonka, clove -- Tuca Tuca by LU5H
    VIOLET WALK • violets, woods, powdery notes -- c/t Kerbside Violet by LU5H
    WHIPPER SNAPPER • white musk, apples, greens, citrus, vanilla -- c/t You Snap the Whip by LU5H
    YULE NOG • caramel, brown sugar, berry, ylang, clove, vanilla musk, cotton candy -- c/t Yog Nog by LU5H
    31 ROSES • fresh spiced, woodsy rose -- c/t LeLabo Rose 31

    APPLE TOBACCO • sweet apple, rich pipe tobacco
    ANGELIC TUBEROSE • angelica, tuberose, warm amber, woods -- c/t JMalone
    BLUE NIGHT • violet, fig, mandarin, peony, rose, jasmine, patchouli musk, cedar -- c/t Nuit Azur by TBurch
    CANNABIS FLOWER • fern, cannabis, floral, cashmere woods, musk & amber
    CHERRY TOBACCO • sweet, juicy cherry with tobacco
    CRACKLIN' FIREWOOD • pine, balsam, bergamot, florals, sandalwood, patchouli 
    COCONUT TOBACCO • coconut with various tobaccos
    CASINO • saffron, jasmine, amberwood, ambergris, fir, cedar -- c/t BR540
    CURRANT & OAK • red currant, rose, oak woods -- by JMalone
    DRAGON'S BREATH • nag champa, vanilla, heliotrope
    DIVINE ZEPHYR • sweet & smoked woods, incense -- c/t Breath of God by LU5H
    DEITY• myrrh, orange blossom, bergamot, sandalwood, smoky -- c/t Icon by LU5H
    DIRTY GIRL • oakmoss, patchouli, green & woody -- c/t Supertramp by LU5H
    DEEP WOODS • cedar, juniper berries, leaves, moss, amber
    EVERGREEN • juniper berry, lemon, lime, rosemary, lavender -- c/t Jumping Juniper by LU5H
    EGYPTIAN AMBER • vanilla, musk, sandalwood with light jasmine
    EGYPTIAN MUSK • clean & lightly sweet musk
    EAST INDIA TRADING • sensual, earthy Indian Sandalwood blend
    FRESH COTTON • sweet & refreshing, spa fresh scent, very clean
    FILTHY • oakmoss, sandalwood, neroli, lavender, mint, tarragon -- c/t Dirty by LU5H
    FROSTED SAGE & VETIVER • eucalyptus, citrus, spice, sage, vetiver, birch
    GINGER CITRUS • zesty grapefruit with warm, spicy ginger
    GIN MARTINI • juniper, fir needle, ginger, vermouth, cool, clean
    GRASS STAIN • so clean & green, fresh & glorious
    INCENSE SHOP • sweet frankincense, myrrh, amber, powdery blends, woods, resins 
    JUNIPER + CEDAR • rich woodsy cedar & juniper, bright & earthy
    KUSH • spicy patchouli, lemongrass, pine & orange oils
    LIBERTY • lemongrass, jasmine, ginger, firewood, spices, sandalwood, orris, Oudh -- c/t The Smell of Freedom by LU5H
    LABDANUM & CASHMERE • citrus, raspberry, vanilla, oakmoss
    LEGIT • white musk with hints of light citrus and bergamot -- c/t Truth by LU5H
    NAG CHAMPA • resinous, earthy blend
    NORTH WOODS • forest pine, fir, icy winds, sweet woods
    NEROLI + SHEA • fresh citrus, neroli, shea, white patchouli
    NEAR THE FIRE • cloves, neroli, chestnut, woods, juniper, vanilla, Peru Balsam and cashmeran -- c/t By the Fire
    ORCHID NOIR • dark, sensual, woodsy, gourmand spiced vanilla -- c/t Black Orchid by TF
    OAKMOSS & SAGE • earthy, rich blend
    PATCHOULI ORANGE • blood orange, patchouli
    ROSE CAFE • warmly spiced rose, coffee
    SMUGGLERS • woods, lemongrass, unisex, intoxicating 
    SAGE + LAVENDER • earthy, warm sage & lavender woods
    SANDALWOOD CLOVE • clove, orange, tobacco, amber, cedarwood, tonka, sandalwood, vanilla sugar, patchouli
    SHAMPURISTA • rose, lavender, jasmine, ylang & patchouli -- c/t Shampure
    TOBACCO + COFFEE • a rich warm blend
    TOBACCO + BOURBON • blend of tobaccos, sweet bourbon whiskey
    TOBACCO + VANILLA • tobacco, spicy vanilla, cacao, fruity woods -- c/t Tobacco Vanille by TF
    VANILLA BIRCH • birch, Madagascar vanilla, warm sandalwood
    WOOD SAGE-ambrette, salt, sage, grapefruit, drift woods -- c/t JMalone

    AUTUMN BLOOMING • marigolds, crocus, mum florals
    APPLEJACK SAUZERAC • apple, lemon, whiskey, warm vanilla
    AUTUMN • leaves, acorns, pinecones, vanilla, musk, cedar, lavender, violet 
    ALOHA • tropical floral, frangipanis, plumerias, freesias 
    ARUBA • tropical, coconut, lime, fruits
    ALMOND CRÈME • intense almond, hint of cream & cherry
    BEACHIN' IT • tropical fruits, sea scents & warm sand -- c/t At the Beach
    BEE'S KNEES • honey, beeswax, rose, sweet & warm
    BUTT NAKED • juicy melons, apples & pears, cult classic
    BLACKBERRY MAGNOLIA • sweet & delicious 
    BUTTERED SCOTCH • sweet & rich
    BEACH BUM • warm sand, tropical vibes
    BLUE HAWAIIAN • fruity, tropical cocktail with rum
    BROWN SUGAR FIGS • warm fig & sweet brown sugar
    BUM BUM • açai, coconut, tonka bean, sandalwood & musk c/t Brazilian Bum Bum
    COTTON CANDY • sweet & delish childhood treat
    CONFETTI • berry, apple, jasmine, pear, cream, coffee, vanilla, amber sugar, tolu -- c/t Velvet Sugar
    CHESTNUTS ROASTING • vetiver, woods, vanilla, caramel
    CARMALITA • Rum cream, coconut, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla
    CREAMY COCONUT • sweet, delicious coconut & cream
    FALL FIG • warm & green fig notes, amber, white musk
    FALL FLOWERS • fresh autumn flowers, neroli & warm woods
    FIJI • a tropical oasis of pineapple, guava, melon
    FALL MARSHMALLOWS • vanilla, pumpkin, sugar & spice
    GRINCH • citrus, cinnamon, clove, cedar, fir & sandalwood
    GARNET WOODS • cherry, almond blossom, rose, jasmine, vetiver, cedar, tonka -- c/t Lost Cherry TF
    GINGERBREAD MAN • molasses, sugar, ginger & cookie batter
    GOLDEN COCONUT • coconut, salty shells, amber, orange, Tonka 
    HAZELNUTS • warm, rich nutty scent with hint of latte
    HONEY + APPLE • delicious, fruity sweetness
    HOT CIDER • warm & richly spiced apple cider
    I SMELL CHRISTMAS • bergamot, eucalyptus, cranberry, clove, woods, amber
    ICED COCONUT COOLADA • citrus, coconut, tropicals, tiare, vanilla musk, wood 
    I SMELL FALL • orange, apple, nutmeg spice blend, vanilla caramel, musk
    JACK FROST • spruce, apples, cranberry & spices  
    LONDON FOG • bergamot, lime, earl gray tea, cucumber, lavender, beeswax, amber & vanilla musk 
    MAPLE LEAF • leaves, maple, laurel, clove, balsam, sandalwood
    MISTLETOE • green notes, berry & white amber
    MONKEY FARTS • pineapple, banana, apple, coconut, vanilla 
    ON A BEACH • warm sandy beach vibes -- c/t BBrown
    PUMPKIN CREME • pumpkin, buttered rum, spices, vanilla
    PUMPKIN FIREWOOD • roasted pumpkin, spices, citron, Guaiac wood, applewood, firewood, black amber, myrrh
    PINK CHRISTMAS • pomegranates, berry, peppermint & French vanilla
    PLUM CRAZY • sweet sugarplums, frosting & sprinkles
    PINEAPPLE • tart tropical scent
    PATISSERIE • marzipan, ground coffee beans, caramel, vanilla
    PUMPKIN MOONSHINE • pumpkin, spices, honey, pecan, cognac, caramel
    PUMPKIN WAFFLES • delicious, nutty, sweet & rich scent
    PEPPERMINT CREME • smooth & minty sweet
    PINEAPPLE CILANTRO •pineapple, fresh cilantro
    PUMPKIN +BOURBON • delish, fall scent
    RUM WOODS • hay, sandalwood, spice, citrus, rum, birch, tobacco
    RED LIPSTICK • citrus, cassis, pomegranate and red rose
    SHAMROCKS • rose, clover & star anise, musk & twigs
    SOUTHERN HARVEST • pumpkin, orange peel, rum, nutmeg, clove, cassia, allspice, malted vanilla, and a woody, cinnamon bark 
    SANTA BABY • balsam fir, sugar cookies & spice
    SMOKED JASMINE • bergamot, cassis, rose, neroli, jasmine, ambergris, smoky musk
    STORM WATCHER • clean sea breezes before the storm -- c/t Storm Watch by YC
    SPELLBOUND • amber, sandalwood, vanilla, cedar, florals
    SPICY VANILLA • vanilla, smoke notes, cinnamon & spice
    SUNTAN • tropical beachy scent
    SWEATER TIME • fall leaves, warm woods, sweet tones -- c/t Sweater Weather by BBW
    THAI COCONUT • sub sweet tropical with Thai flair 
    TROPICAL VANILLA • spices, creamy rum & vanilla
    TOMATO LEAF • sweet tomato leaves, coriander, galbanum, jasmine, peach, apricot, green woods
    TEA + CAKES • almond cake, citrus, jasmine tea, maple & sweet vanilla
    TRANQUIL SEAS • clean & fresh, watery greens, musk, vetiver
    TRICK OR TREAT • pumpkin, persimmon, apple, berry, currants, orange, cinnamon, sugar cane & vanilla
    TEA HOUSE • teas blend, chamomile, ginger root, dried pears, crisp apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, anise, vanilla & cognac
    UNICORN • sweet, sugary fantasy - berry, cherry, vanilla
    UNICORN SPRINKLES • cotton candy, sugar, lemon drops -- c/t BBW
    VAMPIRE KISSES • vanilla, greens, citrus & ripe berries. 
    WINTERVILLE •snow, cinnamon cookies & candy canes

    AQUATICA • salty air, sweet watery, lavender, woods
    ANTIQUITY • bergamot, sage, lavender, basil, artemisia, honey, cedar, tobacco, wood -- c/t Fougere Platine by TF
    ALPHA MALE • citrus, spices, mint, coffee, pepper, patchouli, vanilla tonka
    ALL AMERICAN • citron, juniper, spruce, cardamom, osmanthus, vetiver, amber
    BAY RUM KEY LIME • bay rum embellished key lime
    BEAU • lavandin, rosemary, mint, oakmoss, amber patchouli -- c/t Beau du Jour by TF
    BLACK HILLS • bergamot, tobacco, vetiver, smoky oud, tonka 
    BLAZE • spice, mint, tonka, sandalwood
    BLACK SAILS • labdanum, spice, woods, jasmine, grapefruit, vetiver, incense & pink pepper
    BOGART • ginger, lavender, mint, juniper, apple, cardamom, vetiver, tonka, amber
    BRANDO • woodsy, clean & fresh, spicy & warm = perfection
    BOURBON + BRANCH • musk, jasmine, patchouli, cedar, amber, vanilla, dried fruits
    BROKEN ARROW • tobacco, spices, woods, rose, osmanthus, oud, juniper, amber
    BLACK ROYALE • youthful masculine, spice, citrus, leather
    BAY RUM • spicy bay laurel, orange, mixed spice, anise
    COWBOYS • citrus, bergamot, sea salt, lavender, amber, cedarwood, musk
    CINDER BOX • cedar & eucalyptus woods, smoky & woodsy 
    COPPERHEAD • warm, heavily woodsy with spice notes 
    CIGAR SHOP • tobacco, woody notes, light cherry ends
    DISTILLERY • aromatic scent, freshly spiced, bourbon & oak
    DEADWOOD SALOON • cedar barn wood & smoky gunpowder
    FLANNEL • coconut, teakwood, tonka, ​amber & vanilla musk 
    GUY • spice, aquatics, citrus, muguet, coumarin, woods & musk
    HIPSTER • amber, teak, coffee, musk, cedar, leather, vetiver
    ITALIAN LEATHER • smoky leather -- c/t Tuscan Leather by TF
    IRISH TWEEDS • classic Fougere, rich fresh & sporty
    LUMBERJACK • rugged tobacco, fruit, woods & spice 
    MOONSHINE • sea salt, oud, styrax, woods, amber
    METALLIC SUGAR - sweet - bergamot, apple, angelica, gingerbread, lavender, cedar, tobacco, vetiver, labdanum -- c/t Steel Sugar 
    OLD HAVANA • a gourmand version of a Havana cigar shop
    RATTLESNAKE • woods, labdanum, vetiver, amber, bergamot, vanilla clove
    ROUTE 66 • citrus, jasmine, rosewood, warm musk, patchouli 
    RUST • cleanly spiced, musk, lavender, tonka, sandalwood
    SWANK • lime, pineapple, moss, musk, woods & amber
    SEQUOIA • woodsy, mossy, balanced floral, oak scent
    SO F*CKING FAB • bitter almond, tonka, orris, leather, sage -- c/t TF
    TOBACCO & BAY LEAF • bay, fir, bergamot, cedar, tobacco
    TUSCAN CYPRESS • cypress, mint, citrus, basil, woods -- c/t Italian Cypress by TF
    THE PARLOR • rich tobacco leaf, cognac, cherry & vanilla
    TOBACCO + VANILLA • earthy, lightly sweet unisex scent -- c/t Tobacco Vanille by TF
    TRUE NORTH • lavender, rose, woods, amber, resin, vanilla
    VETIVER IN GRAY • vetiver, salty notes, sunny, woods -- c/t Grey Vetiver by TF
    VIKINGS • fresh spice, aquatic notes, light peppered woods
    WOODEN SHIPS • leather, violet, cardamom, jasmine sambac, oakmoss, patchouli
    WOODS + OUD • woodsy & warm, lightly spiced -- c/t Oud Wood by TF
    WEST INDIES • woods, Caribbean spices, Jamaican rum, West Indies Bay leaf 

    AMOUR • citrus, sweet fruits, vanilla, white cedar
    AMBER FIG • ambrette, orris, fig, poppy, tonka, heliotrope, barley
    AVALANCHE • eucalyptus, mint, fresh icy blend
    BUTTER BEER • sweet, nutty & delicious
    BLUEBERRY CAKE • fresh, sweet blueberries & cake bake notes
    BIRCH + OUD • birch, lime, sea salt, oud, moss, leather, amber, frankincense
    BOUDOIR • honey, mimosa, cardamom, tonka bean, sandalwood
    BARBADOS • citrusy coconut, pineapple, serene herbs, fruits
    BEACH, PLEASE • citrus, fruits, berry, sand, drift woods, salt
    COCONUT AMBER • coconut, mint, vanilla caramel & musk
    CHEERS • clean/light, berry. musk, bergamot, herbs
    DARK VIOLET • citrus, fruits, violet, oakmoss, woods
    DEVIOUS • fruits, peony, red osmanthus, marigold, vanilla, rum, marshmallow, oak
    DESERT • earth, tumbleweeds, cactus blossoms, dry woods
    DAISY CHAIN • gardenia, lily, white blossoms, cream, tonka
    DEAREST • creamy woods, shea, sandalwood, tonka, white musk
    FLIRT • lime, amber, fig, mandarin, musk, sandalwood, almond blossom
    FRENCH FIG • green fig, coconut, woods
    FLOWERBOMBS • bergamot, green tea, jasmine, rose, musk
    FIG + HONEY • sweet, spiced fig with honey
    FIELD OF DREAMS • hay, grass, coumarin, clover, sweet grass, floral, mint
    GOURMAND LEMON • lemon, bubbling bakery notes, sugar
    GOSSAMER • warm amber, soft fruits, vanilla creme, sandalwood
    GO BANANAS • nutty, bananas, berry, cream
    GIN + FOG • apples, berry, gin, juniper, caramel, ozone, florals
    HONEY ALMOND • cherries, almonds, honey, neroli, acacia, cyclamen, musk
    HONEY BLOSSOM • orange blossom, citrus, honey, tonka
    JUSTIFY • unique herbal blend, citrus fruit, white floral, cucumber, amber
    LOVE SICK • orange, neroli, aquatic notes, caramel creme
    LEMON BASIL • zesty lemon citrus, sweet basil, herbal zest
    LILAC • fresh & dreamy lilac aroma
    MARY JANE • old school marijuana scent
    MORNIG MIST • sweet, creamy & clean, ozone, aquatics, greens
    MAYBE MY BABY • grapefruit, jasmine, lavender, cedar, musk, sandalwood
    NEROLI • neroli, orange, white florals, white amber, white musk
    NEBULA • citrus, peach, magnolia, rose, plum, vanilla musk, licorice, sandalwood
    OATMEAL MILK & HONEY • almond, oats, tonka bean, musk, vanilla bean, honey
    PRAIRIE FLOWER • bergamot, coconut, cactus stem, cashmere musk, woods
    PISTACHIO ICE CREAM • pistachio, almonds, vanilla bean
    PHANTOM • watery ocean notes, florals, white musk, salty air
    PISTACHIO MACAROON • sweet nutty & delicious 
    ROSE + THORN • sandalwood, rose, incense, barnwood
    QUEEN BEE • honey, sugar, tobacco, amber
    SANTORINI • orange, neroli, vanilla musk, benzoin, driftwood
    SMOKY FIG • warm, smokey fig
    SEVEN VEILS • carrot seed, pimento berries, Tahitian vanilla flower, Laurier rose, glycine, tiger orchid, sandalwood, & vanilla
    SPICED COCONUT • coconut, spiced rum, sandalwood, vanilla 
    STARGAZER LILY • lovely floral bouquet
    ST TROPEZ • modern, sweet honey, strawberry, vanilla caramel
    STARDUST • fig, bergamot, iris, rose, crisp & fresh
    SAHARA • labdanum, cypress. incense, spice, rose, amber, benzoin, vanilla
    SWEET • sweet, sugary, fruity deliciousness. slightly tropical
    STORMY WEATHER • citrus, clean air, water, ozone, light herbs
    STARSTRUCK • violet, orange, cinnamon, Somali incense, vanilla
    SKYE • aquatic, cucumber, juniper, white florals & dry woods
    SUNSET • berry, plum, mandarin, lemon, gardenia, vanilla, amber
    TASTY CAKES • caramel, vanilla, pistachio, nuts, tonka
    TENDER SKIN • lemon, rose & clear musk
    VAMP • smoked vanilla, lavender, tonka, oak, cardamom
    WILD CACTUS • water, sea salt, ozone, iris, daffodil, dusty florals
    WEDDING BOUQUET • floral blend with greens & musk notes
    WINTER WOODS • warm, musky woods, lightly serene & creamy
    WHITE SANDS • citrus, tobacco leaf, sandalwood, resins, tonka
     WILLOW + IVY • willow, ivy, water, ozone, cashmere, shea, musk
    WOODLAND FIGS • green leaves with mossy oak & fresh fig
    ZEN • herbal, minty, fresh, clean & green