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This scent is taking TIKTOK by storm! Everyone loves the sensual Amber Oud Gold Edition by Al Haramain. You are purchasing a DECANT in either size that you choose of the original scent Amber Oud Gold Edition by Al Haramain. You are not purchasing the entire bottle. This is a great way to try out some new and unusual scents before committing to a full bottle.

Decant of Amber Oud Gold Edition by Al Haramain - Arab Perfume


    Amber Oud Gold Edition is a dynamo's a beast. Initially, it's fairly fresh feeling with a *hint* of sweetness from the bergamot and crisp, green notes. It's elegant. You'll soon get the light fruits that add just hints of sweetness, melon, pineapple...delicious! The amber & musk notes are notable for most of the scent, but a vanilla woods note comes out more towards the base and just wraps it all up. This is a well blended, elegant scent. Could be unisex, but this is NOT an overly masc scent. Some people claim it smells similar to Erba Pura but it's not an exact dupe. 

    I get at least 6-7 hours on my skin with a great projection for about 2-3 hours. 


    I only purchase authentic, original perfumes from reputable sellers. These are not diluted, as they are what is actually in the original bottle, just decanted at time of purchase for you. Bottle will have teflon tape over threading to keep from leaking in transit. You may remove this tape if you wish when you receive the parcel. 

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