What's a fellow to do with that out of control stache....why tame those whiskers of course with STIFF WHISKER STACHE TAMER!

Our natural moustache wax will get the job done. This handcrafted blend of stiff whisker tamer holds that stache any way you want to twist it up. Also for use on eyebrows, side burns, beards, or any other wild hairs.

We serve our wax up fresh in eco-friendly recycleable/reuseable aluminum tins with twist top lid that easily fits in your pocket. Keeping it here warms the wax for ease of application. We recommend applying this wax SPARINGLY to your moustache (or any other less than cooperative hairs) and styling as desired. Washes out with warm water and soap.

Mustache Tamer - Mustache Wax

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    Give the hair a quick comb through. Scrape a bit of wax with finger and rub between fingers slightly, to warm and soften wax enough to apply to desired area. Work through and style as your heart desires. (For a lighter feel and look, after application, re-comb and re-style). Super stubborn hair could use 2 coats!

    Natural Original - clean, woodsy scent of peppered lavender and Virginian white cedar

    Deadwood Saloon - Smoky old barnwood, sweet cedar

    Lumber Jack - earthy, sweet tobacco blend

    *Castor oil
    *Essential Oil Blends