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This scent is super unique! The delicious scent Le Femme by Armaf is for BOSS ladies. You are purchasing a DECANT in either size that you choose of the original scent Le Femme by Armaf.  You are not purchasing the entire bottle. This is a great way to try out some new and unusual scents before committing to a full bottle.

Decant of Le Femme by Armaf - Arab Perfume


    Just love this scent! It's called Le Femme by Armaf. It's the amazing scent that some will compare to Forbidden Games. On initial spray, you'll smell a plum note...sweet & juicy, fruity scent for a few minutes. Soon after the plum, the scent blooms with gardenia and saffron sweetened with vanilla. This scent combo remains until the woody notes add to the smoothness. The scent stays sweet but in a mature way. I do get the white musk in there, but never really get a patchouli note. This is a perfect blind buy if you like a sweet, fruity scent. 

    Lasts on my about 5 hours with silage fairly close.


    I only purchase authentic, original perfumes from reputable sellers. These are not diluted, as they are what is actually in the original bottle, just decanted at time of purchase for you. Bottle will have teflon tape over threading to keep from leaking in transit. You may remove this tape if you wish when you receive the parcel. 

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